BMD was the host club for the 2014 Canadian National Cross Country Ski Championships.

  • Cafe

    Our full service cafe is open seven days a week, providing great home cooked meals as well as a healthy choices menu. Linda is always ready with a smile to take your order and you are sure to leave with a full belly.

    The cafe is also fully liscensed, so feel free to relax by the fire with a cup of chocolate sam or cool down with a frosty brew!

    Remember that our Wednesday lunch special is a traditional Jiggs Dinner for just $8.50 tax included.

    You dont have to be a member to enjoy our wonderful fares and food! The cafe is open to all and catering is available.

    Check out our menu below!

    Home Fries $4.80
    Kid’s size Home Fries $3.40
    With Gravy add $0.55
    Fries, Hamburger Meat & Gravy $6.75
    Poutine $5.80
    Onion Rings $4.95
    Hot Dog $1.75
    Chili Dog $3.75
    Hamburger $3.95
    Grilled Cheese $2.95
    Grilled Chicken Wrap $6.75
    Grilled Chicken Club Salad $7.40
    Soup & Bun $4.75
    Chili & Bun $5.95
    Breakfast Egger $3.25
    Breakfast Burritos $5.50
    Toast & Jam $2.95

    *All Prices Are HST Included

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