• Cafe

    Our full service cafe is open seven days a week, providing great home cooked meals as well as a healthy choices menu. Linda is always ready with a smile to take your order and you are sure to leave with a full belly.

    The cafe is also fully liscensed, so feel free to relax by the fire with a cup of chocolate sam or cool down with a frosty brew!

    Remember that our Wednesday lunch special is a traditional Jiggs Dinner for just $8.50 tax included.

    You dont have to be a member to enjoy our wonderful fares and food! The cafe is open to all and catering is available.

    Check out our menu below!

    Home Fries  
    Kid’s size Home Fries  
    With Gravy  
    Fries, Hamburger Meat & Gravy  
    Onion Rings  
    Hot Dog  
    Chili Dog  
    Grilled Cheese  
    Grilled Chicken Wrap  
    Grilled Chicken Club Salad  
    Soup & Bun  
    Chili & Bun  
    Breakfast Egger  
    Breakfast Burritos  
    Toast & Jam  

    *All Prices Are HST Included