BMD was the host club for the 2014 Canadian National Cross Country Ski Championships.

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    For information about the Jackrabbit Program for 2018 including dates, events, equipment and other inquiries please check out the Jackrabbit Ski Program Information Sheet 2018 . If you require further details, contact Jackrabbit Coordinators Jeri Graham (785-1403) and Tina Newbury (634-8448).

    Bunnyrabbit, Jackrabbit and Track Attack youth ski lessons at Blow Me Down Ski Club Saturday mornings 10:30-12 noon. Come early to meet your leaders and get ready to be on snow for 10:30.

    Registration may be completed at Blow Me Down Trails lodge, or online at Contact Jeri 785-1403 or Tina 634-8448 for more information.  Ski instruction will be available for parents of skiers enrolled in the youth progam.

    Extended Jackrabbit Program will be offered to those kids in Levels 3 and 4 and Track Attack. It will run every Wednesday eve beginning Jan from 6:30-7:30 pm. There is no additional cost for the Extended Jackrabbit program.

    Bunnyrabbit / Jackrabbit 2018

    Bunnyrabbit Program

    5 Years & Under

    $50 + HST

    The purpose of this program is to introduce cross-country skiing both through organized activity, games, and play on skis. It is very important for our new skiers to have fun while they are learning! The objectives for these young skiers are to master the more basic ski skills.

    NOTE: Parents are expected to accompany their children enrolled in the Bunny rabbit program

    Jackrabbit Program

    Ages 6-9

    $108 + HST $130 + HST (With Season Pass)

    There are 4 levels in the Jackrabbit program, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4. Sometimes Levels 3 and 4 can take a few seasons to master. Participants will gradually develop skills in both the classic and skate skiing techniques with the aim of instilling competence and confidence for virtually any cross-country ski outing and condition. Skiers are generally placed into levels according to their age, ability, and previous ski experience.


    Track Attack & Jr. Development

    Track Attack Program

    Ages 10-12

    $108 + HST $130 + HST (With Season Pass)

    Track attack are for those who have completed Jackrabbits or reached a comparable level of skiing. The Track Attack program is for skiers that are committed to improving their skiing (classic & skating) and fitness and who want an introduction to training and racing at the local level.

    Junior Development Program

    Ages 12+

    $108 + HST $130 + HST With Season Pass

    The Junior Development Program follows Cross Country Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model that confirms the importance of motor development.

    Ski package rentals will be available on Saturdays ONLY for just $5+Tax. Parents are asked to be at the lodge by 10:15am. For More Information on CCC Youth Programs…Click Here

    After School Ski Program

    Health Canada stresses the importance of regular, year-round physical activity for healthy growth and development in children. Cross-country skiing is an example of an inexpensive winter activity that is fun and an excellent form of exercise.

    In partnership with Western School District and the elementary schools in the Corner Brook area Blow Me Down Ski Club will offer the Grade IV School Ski Program and the Elementary School League Ski Program (After School Ski Program) again in 2017. Blow Me Down will also offer a Jackrabbit Ski Program again in 2017.

    Grade 4 School Ski

    Through this program cross-country skiing is taught during regular school hours as part of the grade four school curriculum. The program consists of one hour of lessons and skiing activities per week for four weeks. The 2018 program is scheduled to start in January . Additional information including a schedule will be sent to schools before the Christmas break.

    Elementary School Ski League

    This is an after school program for grade 4, 5 and 6 students, consisting of one hour ski sessions on two weekday afternoons; Monday and Wednesday for some schools and Tuesday and Thursday for the others. Traditionally this program starts around the same time as the Grade IV Ski Program and runs for eight weeks culminating with a tournament. The 2018 program is scheduled to start in January. A tentative schedule will be sent to school schools soon.

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